Terms of Service
General Use and Conduct

You the user/member shall not at anytime violate the terms of service set forth and as stated below.

• Upload any media that is in violation of your local laws. This includes but is not limited to:
⋄ Hate speech
⋄ Fake news
⋄ Underage nudity or child pornography
⋄ Files that are infected with any kind of virus, or that may harm users computers or the servers UrImgs owns and operates.
• Stalk other users using the chat or private messaging system. This includes SPAM.
• You must keep at least the minimum amount of images in your account to remain a member.
• Your images must be at least 400px wide by 400px high unless your image is a gif image.
• You can not upload repeat images or video files or blank files in order to achieve a higher status or to keep membership.
• You must maintain a minimum of 40 images/files in order to remain a member here. 40 images/files will also unlock password protected albums for you.

You the user/member are responsible for the content you upload to UrImgs, and Urimgs can not be held responsible for the files you upload to our service

You the user/member are responsible for keeping up to date on these terms of service, for they can change at any time without prior notice.
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